The Makeup of a Confident Woman: The Science of Beauty, the Gift of Time, and the Power of Putting Your Best Face Forward Hardcover – February 28, 2017

The general opinion of this book is that it is helpful and provides good advice. Some reviewers say that it is an interesting read, while others find it dense and difficult to follow. Some users say that they learned a lot from the book, while others find it repetitive and not very helpful.

Top 5 Pros

  1. Contains valuable information for women looking to improve their appearance
  2. Provides a comprehensive guide to understanding different aspects of beauty
  3. Offers helpful tips for improving your overall self-confidence
  4. Provides a wealth of knowledge on how to put your best face forward
  5. Provides readers with the tools they need to improve their overall appearance

Top 5 Cons

  1. Some people find the writing difficult to follow.
  2. Some people find the book to be dense and difficult to read.
  3. Some people find the book to be too expensive.
  4. Some people find the book to be too long.
  5. Some people find the book to be outdated.