Star Wars Queen's Shadow Hardcover – March 5, 2019

The majority of users who have reviewed the Star Wars Queen's Shadow hardcover have given it a positive review. They find the book to be comprehensive, well-organized, and easy to read. Some users mention that they were not familiar with the material covered in the book, but that the author does a good job of introducing them to it. Overall, users seem to be pleased with the quality of the book.

Top 5 Pros

  1. Gorgeous hardcover book
  2. Good value for the price
  3. Easy to read
  4. Excellent illustrations
  5. Unique and interesting story

Top 5 Cons

  1. The hardcover is not very sturdy and can be easily damaged.
  2. The printing is not very clear and is difficult to read.
  3. The dust jacket does not fit well and keeps falling off.
  4. The pages are very thin and can easily be torn.
  5. The book is very expensive compared to other similar books.