Samurai Champloo -- The Complete Two-Volume Series Tapa blanda – 12 Agosto 2008

The general opinion of Samurai Champloo -- The Complete Two-Volume Series is that it is good. Many users rate the series highly, praising its animation, humor, and action. Some have also found the series to be addicting.

Top 5 Pros

  1. The characters are very likable and the story is well written.
  2. The soundtrack is fantastic and the action sequences are well choreographed.
  3. The art is beautiful and the setting is well done.
  4. There are a lot of Easter eggs and references to other anime and manga.
  5. The overall story is very entertaining.

Top 5 Cons

  1. The animation is choppy and not up to par with other anime series.
  2. The story is not that well thought out and is often confusing.
  3. The characters are one-dimensional and not very likable.
  4. The violence is often excessive and gory.
  5. The overall atmosphere of the show is not particularly appealing.