Red Cow Full Cream Milk Powder 2.5 Kg (5.5lb), Made From Real Fresh Milk, Product of Netherlands.

According to real user reviews, the general opinion of Red Cow Full Cream Milk Powder 2.5 Kg (5.5lb) is that it is a good product. Many users say that it tastes great and that it provides the desired results. Some users note that it is a bit expensive, but overall they are satisfied with the product.

Top 5 Pros

  1. Fresh milk-made product from the Netherlands
  2. Low in lactose-friendly
  3. No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  4. Highly nutritious
  5. No cholesterol

Top 5 Cons

  1. The powder is clumpy
  2. It's difficult to mix the powder with water
  3. The powder has a bad taste
  4. The powder is thick and difficult to stir
  5. The powder doesn't dissolve easily in liquids