Rambo (Widescreen Edition)

The general opinion of Rambo (Widescreen Edition) is that it is a good movie.

Top 5 Pros

  1. The Widescreen Edition of Rambo is one of the most intense and violent action movies ever made.
  2. The acting is top-notch, and the action is non-stop from beginning to end.
  3. The Widescreen Edition features an updated and improved visual and sound experience.
  4. It is the perfect movie for fans of action movies.
  5. It is a must-have for movie fans.

Top 5 Cons

  1. The film is very long, and can be quite tedious to watch
  2. The film is very violent and gory
  3. The film is not very exciting or suspenseful
  4. The acting is not very good
  5. The film does not hold up well after repeated viewings