Maruchan Ramen Chili, 3.0 Oz, 24 Count

The general opinion of Maruchan Ramen Chili, 3.0 Oz, 24 Count is that it is a good product. Many people appreciate the flavor and find it to be delicious. Some people, however, find the noodles to be a bit dry.

Top 5 Pros

  1. Delightful, bold flavor
  2. Easily digested
  3. Tastes great
  4. Affordable
  5. Good value

Top 5 Cons

  1. Some users report that the flavor is not as strong as they would like it to be.
  2. Another common complaint is that the noodles can be bland.
  3. Some find the packets to be small and difficult to open.
  4. Some people find the price to be a bit high.
  5. Some find the soup to be too thin.